My name is Dorothy and I came to see Dr Cohen in late 2006. After going through some extensive x-rays of my jaw, I was referred to Dr. Cohen by my Dentist. Unfortunately, the x-rays that I had weren't of much use so Dr. Cohen had to do some of his own. He was very thoughtful in that he had me wait a couple of months before he exposed me to more radiation.

From my first visit on I have been very pleased with Dr. Cohen and his entire staff. They are all very professional as well as friendly and caring people. Dr. Cohen always makes a point of telling me information about my problem in terms that I can understand. He makes it easy to relate to why I have to do the treatment that he gives me. He gets right to the point and he and his staff work very well together.

I highly recommend the Southwest Pain Management Associates. You will find a stress free environment with friendly people at every turn.

Dr. Cohen and the Pain Management staff are one of a kind, when it comes to TMJ treatment. Dr. Cohen has dedicated his life to jaw pain/TMJ and it shows through his; medical equipment, tests / evaluations, medical billing, and he even has physical therapist who specializes in working with TMJ patents.

When I came into see Dr. Cohen I was desperate, regular Doctors didn't care to look at jaw pain and regular dentists didn't know really what to do. I was directed to the Southwest Pain Management staff by a dentist and I am still amazed that there is some one out there that is a specialist in TMJ, in Phoenix too!! After relieving my pain, Dr. Cohen refined my splint to help eliminate bad habits while I slept and instructed me to do physical therapy to strengthen all the muscles involved with my jaw. Thank You! Thank you! - MATTHEW E. BERG

My name is Sandy Langworthy and I have suffered with ?tooth pain? and ?clicking? of my mouth off and on for years. I recently had a root canal and I still had ?pain? in that tooth. The dentist who performed my root canal referred me to an endodontist. The endodontist explained to me that there was a ?pattern? to the pain I was experiencing because I had a root canal last year and then had to have that tooth extracted.

I was referred to Southwest Pain Management Associates in January of this year. I saw Dr Cohen who performed a thorough exam with state-of-the-art x-rays. Additionally, Dr. Cohen also examined my jaw, neck and head paying close attention to how I reacted to pressure point manipulation. After finishing his exam, Dr. Cohen explained to me that my pain was not a dental issue but a medical one due to the temporomandibular joint.

The following month I went back for a ?splint? for my upper teeth and jaw. I was very compliant and wore my ?splint? all day, except for eating, and I wore it all night. I cannot believe this ?miracle? I had in my mouth! Because Dr Cohen gave me the right diagnosis and because I followed all his instructions, my pain was eliminated. I am now ?weaned? of my splint during the day and I wear it all night only. The staff at Southwest Pain Management Associates is super great and made me feel well cared for. I recommend Southwest Pain Management Associates to anyone for any TMJ or jaw problem. I live in Surprise and see him in his Cave Creek office and trust me the drive is well worth it! I really feel like my condition and subsequent recovery were very important to Dr. Cohen.

Thank You,
Sandy Langworthy